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Pocketbooks are a pop band from London, combining melodic boy/girl harmonies, spiralling guitars and delicate piano lines. Expect a sprinkling of dazzling 60s soul alongside some sparkling indiepop charm!

They first introduced themselves to the world by appearing on the 2006 compilation 'The Kids At The Club' (How Does It Feel To Be Loved?) alongside indiepop favourites such as Voxtrot, I'm From Barcelona and Lucky Soul.

Since then, they've played gigs across the country, including headlining the first ever Indietracks event on a 1950s steam railway in Derbyshire in April 2007. This event has now turned into an annual two-day festival each July, which several of the band now help to organise. They've played shows with some fantastic bands, including The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, God Help The Girl, Art Brut, Fanfarlo, The Wedding Present, Darren Hayman and Monica Queen.

In 2008 they hit the summer festivals, including the Rip It Up festival (Sweden), Offset festival, The Mix festival in London, and a return to the Indietracks festival.

Their debut single, Cross The Line (Atomic Beat Records, 2007) was described by Simon Armitage as “pure snowshaker pop, and more dressing table than kitchen sink”. This was followed by an EP, Waking UP (Make Do And Mend Records, 2008), which Losing Today described as “Spring-ushering tinglesome guitars, softly shy eyed lilting melodies and hopelessly lovelorn boy / girl harmonies.”

Their debut album, Flight Paths, was released on 13 July 2009 on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? label. This was preceeded by a single, Footsteps, on 15 June. Songs from the album have picked up radio play from Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1), Gideon Coe (BBC 6Music) and John Kennedy (Xfm).

Their second album, Carousel, was released on 19 September 2011 on Odd Box Records, following the release of the single Promises, Promises in July 2011. Songs from the album have picked up radio play from Gideon Coe (BBC 6Music). Gary Crowley (BBC London) and Rocker (Dandelion Radio).

The above text is in the public domain and is free to use by anybody - Pocketbooks

Band members

Andy HudsonAndy Hudson (vocals/piano)
Hailing from the sleepy London suburbs, Andy spent his formative years living on an identikit tree-lined street in Sidcup. He originally sought his fortune as a languages student, immersing himself in the art of translation, subjunctive clauses and late night Stammtisch gatherings. This eventually led to a free transfer to Brussels, where he soon gained notoriety as a grammatical maverick. Now safely back in his spiritual home of north London, Andy divides his time unequally between Pocketbooks and a real life which sometimes requires him to wear a suit...

Daniel ChapmanDaniel Chapman (bass guitar)
Coming straight outta Oxclose, Daniel arrived in London sporting nought but a bindle. Failing to make his way back home due to some birds eating his trail of breadcrumbs he fell in with a popular beat combo. Through this he met the Pocketbooks gang. The rest, as they say…
Daniel also plays bass in The Loves and One Fathom Down.

Emma HallEmma Hall (vocals/keyboard)
Emma spent her younger years in Grimsby leafing through music magazines wide-eyed and dreaming of pop stardom and the exotic venues of London. Clicking her heels together in 1991 she found herself on the A1 heading for the capital city. Many adventures ensued, funded by various bookselling jobs. Along the way she accumulated Dan and Mark, and they skipped along until finally meeting the other half of the band and deciding to bang out some indiepop tunes for the cool kids.

Ian CowenIan Cowen (guitar)
Son of a coalminer and a whippet farmer, Ian fled the glorious North East when he realised none of his favourite bands were ever going to play there. Crashlanding in North London in his tender early twenties Ian settled into a life of girls, indiepop and some outrageous statistical analysis. Ian and Pocketbooks first crossed paths when he gave them their big break at one of his legendary Spiral Scratch nights. He then spent the next 18 months playing sinister mind games with the Pocketbooks' guitarists until they couldn't take any more and left the band, leaving Ian to take their place on guitar duities.
Ian also plays bass in The Sunny Street,  The Cut-Outs and Electrophönvintage

Jonny TanseyJonny Tansey (drums)
After a spiritually rewarding though financially disappointing stint trading second-hand vinyl with Mongolian herdsmen, Jonny headed back to London with dreams of becoming a bona-fide Rock-drumming Messiah. Adorning a tight white muscle vest and carrying the largest gong he could manage, Jonny jumped on the first train to Rocksville, UK. 
Fortunately his train derailed in leafy North London, where nearby beatsters Pocketbooks were busy crafting warm spoonfuls of Indiepop that The Kids seemingly couldn’t get enough of. The socially-minded band took the slightly shaken lad under their collective wing. Nursing him back to health on a diet of Chomp bars and barbershop renditions of the Blaydon Races, The ‘Books convinced Jonny that early nights and sensible attire were, indeed, where it was ‘at’.
Turning his back on hydraulic drum risers and 40 minute solos, Jonny can now be heard rhythmically fidgeting over Pocketbooks live sets. He is a lifetime member of the Paul Daniels Inner Magic Circle (PDIMC) and came third in the Egg & Spoon race. He does not currently own a ukelele. 
Jonny also plays drums in The Loves, One Fathom Down and Electrophönvintage

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